Website Designs

  • Charles Dowding - No Dig Gardening
    This is a re-make of the original website utilising the Drupal CMS framework. This site includes a forum, and the content is created and edited by the client.
  • Cycle GB - Magnificat Cycle Sportive
    This is another site which has been migrated to the Drupal CMS framework. This site has been created to have a small subsection editable by the client, with the main content created on behalf of the client.
  • Godminster - Organic Cheese, Organic Vodka
    A completely bespoke website created to closely reflect the personality of the company it represents. We worked closely with the company's own designer to create the site to exacting specifications.
  • Swisch - Chalets in Switzerland
    This was another website created in conjunction with the company's designer. The site is designed around the large corpus of quality photographs which really capture life in a Swiss Chalet!
  • Wincanton Swimming Club
    This website was created to provide an up to date area for swimming club information and announcements.
  • Learning to Lead - Student Councils
    Learning to lead is an exciting new way to look at student-led councils within a school. The site was designed to offer information about exiting new developments, and to act as a hub for information for those already involved.
  • Lower Farm - Bed and Breakfast in Somerset
    This is a clean simple design to provide information for those people looking for a haven of rural tranquillity.
  • Monkee Puzzle - Climbing frames and Outdoor Play Equipment
    We have taken over this site for our client who was unhappy with the placement they were getting on the major search engines. We are currently optimising the site to bring them higher up the search results pages.