Web programming - under the hood of your website

What goes on in the background of a website is often the thing that is most neglected. If you create a sub-standard design then this will be obvious to anyone who views the site, but how will you know if the underlying code is up to scratch, and should you be worried? Many designers still think that if a website works in a single browser then that is OK. Designers could have been forgiven for this attitude a few years ago, but now the face of the web is very different.

The Website Accessibility Initiative is a guide for making your web site accessible to as many people as possible. It is now mandatory for your website to be accessible to all people, including those who are disabled. Failure to comply with these guidelines can leave you open to litigation and a mandatory order to re-design your website to make it conform to the WAI guidelines.
At Pharus we are aware of the implications of this both for you and for us, therefore you can rest assured that your website will be tested on all the major web browser brands, and will conform to all the current guidelines with regard to accessibility. In addition to this, all the websites that we create are validated against the W3C validator which checks that the underlying code is written correctly and in keeping with the recommendations of the W3C. This will not only help to make your website accessible today, but will ensure that your website stands the best possible chance of being accessible when the next generation of browsers become available.